•     2920 hours of R&D
  •     2 patents
  •     72 prototypes
  •     7 manufacturers

NOVALeg® is the perfect product for the prevention of muscular injuries, shin splints and tendinitis. Its patented technology makes this product the perfect tool for all sports during training or competitions.

  •  Dynamic side strips (point 3 of the scheme)

During the practice, the micro-oscillations disrupt the calf muscle contraction due to a misalignment of fibers and can cause injuries ranging from simple contracture to tear. Novaleg® dynamic side strips  are anatomically positioned and associated with specific elastic properties allow to greatly limit this phenomenon and thus reduce the risk of muscle injury.

  •  Circular strips (point 2 of the scheme)

Vibration upon impact with the floor can lead to inflammation of the tissue covering the bone surface called periosteum. NOVALeg® includes in its structure two circular bands which limit the effects of vibration and therefore reduce the risk of shin splints.

  •  Central strip (point 1 of the scheme)

Because your shin is fragile and because in some sports with shocks such as football, rugby or during mountain biking or trail running (projected stones, contact with trees ... etc), it seemed important to increase its protection. This central band also has an additional effect of preventing shin splints.

  •  Micro-aerated fiber (point 4 of the scheme)

About 80% of the energy produced by your muscles is dissipated as heat. NOVALeg® includes specific areas (black parts) that promote its and allows to wear both in summer and winter, directly on the leg or over your tights.

  •  Micro-elastic fiber (point 5 of the scheme)

Only for NOVALeg® FULL version. This micro-elastic fiber brings you an additional support for calfs and increases your protection against injuries.