How to chose between the sixt NOVALeg® models?

Depending on your sport and level of protection.

1) First you must choose between the LIGHT or FULL model. FULL model provides additional stability and is preferred in case of injury or come-back after injury. LIGHT model is more aerated and is preferentially used in competition or during hot weather.

2) Next, you must select a protection level of the shin. No shin protection (model SHOCK PROTECT 0) is needed when running on road for example; an intermediate protection for trail running or mountain biking (model SHOCK PROTECT 1) until complete protection for team sports with shocks such as football or rugby for example.

How to choose the size of NOVALeg®

NOVALeg® is available in three sizes Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L). To know your size simply measure the height from the top of your ankle and lower your knee and then refer to the table below :

SizeHight (H) in cm
Small (S)< 25
Medium (M)25 - 30
Large (L)> 30

My measurement is exactly on the border between two sizes, which to choose?

If you stand exactly on the border between two sizes always prefer the smaller size.

How to thread and position NOVALeg® on the leg?

To thread the NOVALeg® it is important to take both top and bottom edges at the ankle before positionning.The top of the NOVALeg® must be immediately below the knee, just at what is called the tibial tuberosity.

Is NOVALeg® a compression sock?

No. NOVALeg® is not a medical compression device for use in case of vascular disease. It is a unique product for all sports athletes who primarily promotes muscular stabilization and also allows to protect from shocks. It is a product that assists the athlete's effort and helps recovery.

Can NOVALeg® be weared above or below a regular sock or tights?

Yes. NOVALeg® normally wears directly in contact with the skin. However, the fact of your NOVALeg® optionally be above or below a normal high socks or tights does not affect all the properties and benefits of the product.

Can NOVALeg® be weared above or below a compression sock?

No. Its association with a compression sock made it lose all his muscle stabilization properties and removes all the benefits of the product.

When wearing NOVALeg®?

NOVALeg® is made to prevent injury; it can therefore be weared during training and competitions.

Can NOVALeg® be used in all sports?

Oui. Elle convient à toutes les pratiques sportives de la course à pied au VTT en passant par le football ou le rugby par exemple.

How to wash  NOVALeg®?

NOVALeg® is a very durable product that can be washed regularly and do not fear the machine runs up to 30 degrees. Ironing as in the dryer are against avoided because of the possibility of alteration of the product structure.

When I wear NOVALeg®, I feel that the structure is "deformed", why?

NOVALeg® is made to perfectly fit the anatomy of your leg. The fibers and materials of the Novaleg® are made to deform voluntarily to help the dynamics of muscle contraction without hindering movement. These possible deformations are perfectly normal.